SPD Schleswig-Holstein


Invitation to PES Activists Romania Seminar

As you might know our Romanian political family is celebrating its general elections on next December. The PES is gladly inviting you to a week seminar on campaign strategies and regional politics in Romania. The PES will be glad to cover the travel expenses for around ten people. The Romanian activists will cover the accommodation of the participants and some of the meals.

The campaign tour will take place between the 14th and 20th of November 2016 and will consist in a bus tour all over the country to exchange with PSD candidates. This will be a unique opportunity for learning and collaborating with our Romanian comrades.

The participants will also support the PES activists Romania campaign for the reduction of the age threshold enabling young to lead their country.

During this tour we will be joined by the PES activists Romania National Coordinator, MEP Victor Negrescu, Vice-president of PSD Romania.
The selection of the delegation will take into account gender and regional balance.

Monday 14th of November: Arrival in Bucharest
Tuesday 15th of November: South-East of Romania
Wednesday 16th of November: North-East of Romania
Thursday 17th of November: North-West of Romania
Friday 18th of November: West of Romania
Saturday 19th of November: South-West of Romania
Sunday 20th of November: Bucharest and departure
Please, let us know by Friday morning (21.10) your availability/wiliness to be on board.
Our apologies for the short notice.

Looking forward having you on board.
Yours in solidarity,
PES activists